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Professional overclocker Xtreme Addict using voltage mods and liquid nitrogen has managed to smash the 1Ghz HBM clock speed barrier and also fully unlock Compute units to unleash Fury X level performance and beyond.

AMDs R9 Fury graphics card comes with 4GB HBM ram just like the Fury X however, it’s a notch down the ladder coming with slightly fewer compute units. Thanks to TX12 over at, unlocking these while risky was pretty easy to do.

ASUS Radeon R9 Fury HBM World Record
Extreme Addict Overclocks ASUS R9 Radeon Fury and achieves crazy fire strike extreme score

Using a combination of unlocking the Compute Units and VGPU, VPLL (VDDCI), VNEM and trimpot volt mods, Xtreme Addict was able to achieve a mind blistering fast core clock speed of 1400Mhz (1.4ghz) and a 1000Mhz (1Ghz) HBM memory clock speed producing 1TB/s bandwidth and scoring 10,033 in Fire Strike Extreme, which if you ask us is very respectable indeed.

How can I achieve the same? I hear you asking. Well, XA was kind enough to document the entire process over on the HWBot forum here including how to unlock those hidden compute units.

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