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This review has been made possible by Visiontek.

Visiontek is a US-based company that is normally tied to AMD as an add-in board partner to Radeon Technologies Group. The company also makes accessories for your personal computer, desk and even your mobile devices. Today’s review will focus on two products from their audio department, Stereo Earphones with a microphone and Folding Stereo Headphones.

A Closer Look

The boxes of both products are standard packaging for headphones. The boxes have the Visiontek logo on the front and information about the products on the back of the box.

The Earphones are secured inside a plastic shell to protect them during shipping and handling. Included are three different sizes of earpads (s/m/l). Taking a closer look at the Earphones, they are housed in a plastic shell, come with a 4 foot long thin cable.

It weighs in at 15 grams and has a 3.5mm jack, making it compatible with many smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

The drivers inside are 9mm and they have a maximum sound level of 94 dB. The frequency response is between 20Hz-20kHz and the impedance is 160. The headphones are wrapped in a plastic bag and have thin foam covering the ear pads. It also has plastic covering the exterior black pieces for protection from any scratches during shipment.

The headphones as previously mentioned are fold-able, which makes them easy to travel with. The headphones are made out of plastic, but still, feel sturdy. It weighs in at 189 grams. Included is a detachable 4 ft cord with a 3.5mm jack that makes it compatible with many devices. The drivers inside are 40mm and they have a maximum sound level of 102 dB. The frequency response is between 20Hz-20kHz and the impedance is 320. There are also foam ear pads and a thin layer of rubber in the headband.


For testing I listed to each pair of headphones/earphones for 1 hour on Spotify and then 30 minutes watching a Twitch stream.

The earphones are comfortable and easy to wear. The don’t have anything to secure them in your ears other than the ear pads and would make a great pair of workout headphones as long as you don’t run with them. The sound quality is great and they don’t sound flat. I do wish there was a little more bass.

The headphones easily fold and are very easy to travel with. The build quality is good with solid materials. The gloss finish is shiny but can be a fingerprint magnet. The cable length is perfect if you place your phone in your pocket. The ear pads are comfortable and the headphones are easy to wear. The 40mm drivers provide a great sound that is clear and crisp. I do wish that there was just a little more bass.

Visiontek Foldable Stereo Headphones and Stereo Ear Phones
  • Price
  • Good Sound
  • Bass Quality
Review Summary

Overall, both the earphones and headphones from Visiontek live up to their price tag. They have great build quality and great sound. I do wish that there was a little more bass, but at their price tag, both are worth the money.

Build Quality

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