The Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay Footage Preview!

by Andy Cresswell -
The Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay Footage Preview!

Once upon a time in 2012, when I first heard the Wii U was promoted throughout the media before it was due to be released, one game stuck out for me the most, The Legend of Zelda. All we kept seeing was the sneak preview of what is to come from this game with this footage of Link killing a giant spider. Now 2 years later, there is finally actual footage of what is to come!

In this video we see Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto introducing this sunset setting of the game. Whilst Miyamoto was asking the questions, Aonuma was the one introducing the controls and the designs of the game.


First of all, the design seems to be well thought out. In the videotape, Aonuma wanted to showcase the sunset in the game. He described it as “beautiful”. Admiringly, from what can be seen from another screen, the detailing with the sunset is actually quite good for Nintendo. Throughout the video with the trees, grass, fields, rocks and so on, you can see certain finer details from afar. I can imagine these details to be much better once the game is on our own television screens and for ourselves to judge the detailing of the game and objects. I certainly hope Aonuma will not disappoint us by only working on this part of the game, compared to the rest of the world in this game.


Secondly, the main purpose of this video was the gameplay itself. Aonuma has leaked that the world for The Legend of Zelda will be huge, as he showed to Miyamoto a section of the map that they have zoomed out at. This gives the impression that we will be filled with hours of adventures considering from what seemed to be a short distance on the gamepad “it would take a very long time for Link to walk” and that after being on the horse for a minute or so, there was still about “4 or 5 more minutes” to reach to the edge of the map. Hopefully, each zone will be different and challenging with puzzles to keep us intrigued to the end.

Another thing that Aonuma showcased was using common sense for some of the things that they work on. For instance, not having the need to concentrate on controlling the horse whilst on it because in reality, horses do not usually run into trees, therefore the controls can be used for other things like changing camera angles, swinging swords and shooting arrows. Like the way previous Zelda games on the 3DS and on the Wii, the gamepad can be used as a sensor or a gyroscope to look around the world to see certain places from afar. Some people may not like it, however, there is a way of switching that off via settings and use the navigation sticks to do that instead.

In one part of the game, Miyamoto was shocked to see a glide cloth was used for Link to jump off the cliff. Aonuma stated that it was from one of the previous game series the Skyward Sword. If this is the case, hopefully, Aonuma has included other old school goodies for us!

Release date

There is still no news on when exactly this game will be released, all we know it will be next year after Miymoto’s release of Starfox but after Majora’s Mask. I certainly hope this game will not get delayed as you can see the game is still not finished!

Here’s the transcript of the video:

M: Ok, so today why don’t we show a glimpse of how the new Zelda game is shaping out?

A: Sure!

M: Ah! And looks like it’s sunset already. For me must be looking to the west.

A: Right. I wanted to let everybody to see how beautiful this scene is with the setting sun.

M: Oh wow he’s climbed way up high!

A: Yes, since this is such a huge world, we’re making a number of high places that offer great views.

M: So now you can decide to where way to go to from here?

A: Right. You can see so far! This is a good place to look around from; and say, if you see a suspicious tower in a distance, you might decide to head there.

M: Right..

A: And then you saw that flash there.

M: Woah! You set a new type of beacon!

: Yes and now the corresponding place is also now marked on the map. Since Link is here now, this is the distance he needs to traverse.

M: You can also zoom here from there right?​

A: You can, by tapping here and you can zoom out and out and further out.

M: It’s a huge world!

A: We haven’t seen the whole world yet.

M: This must be the edge of the map? How far are we from here to the edge of the map?

A: Hmm yeah, it would take a very long time for Link to walk! But anyway, why don’t we try to go to the point that we marked on the map? Let’s go!

M: Woah! Phew! Good to know that he had the sail cloth!

A: Right! It played an important role in Skyward Sword.
Now, it will be a bit hard to reach our destination on foot. But luckily, here we have a horse.

M: Oh Epona, long time no see!
This is a densely wooded area.

A: Yep, I’m hardly touching the control stick.

M: You’re not touching it?

A: Yeah, I won’t hit any trees. Real horses don’t run into trees very often.

M: {Amused} Well that seems natural!

A: We’re working on details like that.

M: And now your hands are free, you can do a variety of things on the horse?

A: Yes, you can freely change the camera angle, and you can swing a sword like normal, and shoot arrows.

M: Ah! You can take time to aim now?

A: Why don’t we go to a place where we can aim enemies with these arrows?

M: There are insect and animal life as well? I saw apples growing here the last time?

A: Yeah you can pick and eat them.

M: This looks a bit suspicious, we must be near a dungeon?

A: Hmm, in places like this [M: Ah I knew it!] you tend you run into these guys.

M: Ooh, another one there! Oh right! I heard the metallic sound!

A: That sound can tell you that your arrow has hit the right spot and damaged your enemy.
And in situations like this, you can vault off the horse [Yes] and while jumping you can shoot arrows.

M: I see, and you’re in slow motion while jumping off the horse?

A: Yes.

M: Wow. {couldn’t quite catch what he said after that}
So how far away is our destination from here?

A: {Laughs} It will still take about 4 or 5 more minutes I suppose.

M: 4 or 5 minutes more?
Are you sure this will be released next year?

A: Yes. All the staff members are working together and doing their best!
By the way Mr Miyamoto, how about your Starfox title?

M: What?! {Both Laughs} Starfox? You’re asking me now? No worries about Starfox!

A: Oh that’s good news!

M: Starfox will arrive before Legend of Zelda next year. The way it is with the gamepad is starting to feel good.

A: Oh before that comes out, we’ll release Majora’s Mask!

{Both laughs}

M: Right we are! We have made a number of adjustments to Majora’s Mask and it now feels good on the 3DS!

A: Yeah, we made it easier to play without altering the feel of the original game.

M: Now we worked on some places where some improvements were necessary.

{Both Laughs}

A: That’s right, after 10 years no less. It’s taken 10 years but the 3-day system is intact.

M: And it’s so accessible, we can even play whilst chatting like this!
Well, that’s all for now, thank you for watching!

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