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How to Get Better at FPS Games

6 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

There are a lot of Game Mechanics you cannot teach outside of good old-fashioned hard work, but, you can teach the Fundamentals of FPS Games and How to Dominate

23 Insane Video Gaming Console Mods

4 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

With so many modified gaming PCs, we thought we would take a look at what people have been doing to gaming consoles over the years. Number 13 is our favourite, whats yours?

Top 5 Gaming Keyboards for All Genres

3 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

Ultimately, the best gaming keyboard comes down to what feels right when you’re playing. For instance, although membrane switches feel familiar, they’re usually spongy. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards...

The 7 Greatest Multiplayer & Co-op Games Ever

2 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

Any list of the best-ever games is rife with competition. Arguments break out, and friendships are sullied! There is no definitive, empirical way of measuring which is the very best....

5 Great PC Games for 2015

3 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

With hardware and gameplay innovation getting better every single year, we in the gaming community can hope that newer and better games come out every single year, especially on the...