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30 Amazing Gaming Themed Tattoos

by Andy Cresswell

Tattoos are not the taboo they used to be. More people are rocking Gaming Themed Tattoos than every. We rounded up 30 Tattoos for Gamers.

Dragon Quest XI: A first for PC

by John Weland

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an elusive age is the first of the Dragon Quest series to have a PC release. The story takes a lot of trope of the genre...

Moonlighter: A merchant’s story

by John Weland

Moonlighter is a new take on an old style of a top-down dungeon crawling RPG (think Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past). You are the grandson of Pete...

Top 5 Gaming Keyboards for All Genres

by Andy Cresswell

Ultimately, the best gaming keyboard comes down to what feels right when you’re playing. For instance, although membrane switches feel familiar, they’re usually spongy. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards...

5 Great PC Games for 2015

by Guest Post

With hardware and gameplay innovation getting better every single year, we in the gaming community can hope that newer and better games come out every single year, especially on the...

GTA V PC Launch Bugs and Solutions

by Andy Cresswell

We have some bugs and solutions that people have been experiencing since GTA V PC has been launched. We have the solution for the Rockstar Social Club bugs, Windows Media Player problems, solutions for corrupted downloads and the reason why some downloads won't complete.