20 Sick Table-Top Gaming Computers

by Andy Cresswell -
20 Sick Table-Top Gaming Computers

PC Games are a major part of my life, My gaming PC is my temple.

It must be comfortable to use, never lag and must be as attractive as the women in summer on the beach.

Table-top gaming computers are the cream of the crop when it comes to modified pcs, we all love them and we all want one. The truth is with no mainstream manufacturers on the market (that I know of) producing quality desks, table-based gaming computers are unfortunately not very common at all which is a shame, because it is such a dark area of computer modding that needs more attention.


Sure there is a ‘few’ coffee table gaming pcs out there, but they are very far and few between. I would love to see a mainstream retailer selling something like this. Yes it’s bulky but like anything, they could be flat packed.

Building a custom gaming computer is not rocket science, things can’t really go in the wrong slots unless the person is extremely stupid and would go as far as saying that building your own computer is easier than building 90% of flat-pack furniture.

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I recently did a piece, Unusual Gaming PC Mods and a lot of people were contacting me and requesting a round-up of the sickest table-based gaming computer mods, so here they are.

20 Awesome Gaming Computers

water cooled gaming computer desk
table top gaming computer
badass gaming pc
all in one gaming computer desktop
coffe table computer gaming pc
sick gaming computer mod
in desktop gaming pc
sick liquid cooled gaming pc
custom gaming pc in table
nintendo pcb table computer
Microsoft Windows 8 Touchscreen Coffee Table
computer case in desktop
shazim pirate desk case mod
red harbringer cross desk gaming computer
all in one computer desk
wooden pc desk gaming mod
watercooling gaming desktop
vaneer gaming computer case mod

I could only find these 20 table rigs on my searches but would love to have more to add to this collection, If you or a friend has a table-based gaming computer mod and would like it featured here, let me know in the comments and I will get in contact with you to grab the pictures off you.

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