Leaked AMD Radeon R9 300 Benchmarks Reveal Monster GPU

It was only a matter of time until the new 3xx series cards would start getting leaked, we did some digging.
by Andy Cresswell -
Leaked AMD Radeon R9 300 Benchmarks Reveal Monster GPU

With Nvidia releasing their GTX 980 GPUs and absolutely stomping AMD’s flagship gpu in 4K applications, it was inevitable that AMD was working on a new chip to combat their problem at hand.

Yoshiki1985, over at chiphell, managed to find a benchmark for an unknown GPU with some very impressive results, to say the least, AMD needed to produce a GPU that’s not only capable of giving Nvidia’s flagship video card a run for its money but also able to keep with the 980 refresher coming later this year, but the score just seems to high!

AMD’s R9 300 chip, which has been rumoured to be 28nm with HBM memory chips scored stupidly in 3dMark11 with a score of x8121, which overall puts it at 22nd in the world, while this does seem high it coincides nicely with another leak spotted by OC3D.

AMD R9 390x GPU Stats Leaked

Test data appeared on SiSoft Sandra results database which shows some very impressive GPU statistics.

On the results page, if you scroll down to ‘Individual Results’ you will notice 2 anonymous submissions, the 390X was tested on 28 October 2014, however, there was an earlier test on the 20 October 2014, either the earlier test will be the non-X card or they were simply testing how far they can push the GPU.

The R9 390X so far is rumoured to be running at a speed of 1000mhz(1ghz) with 4096 stream processors and 4GB of VRAM running at 1,250Mhz and scored an impressive 63.64GB/s putting it faster than 99.71% of the total results in the world…that’s pretty fast indeed.

GPU Market Frog Leaped Again By AMD

Just as Nvidia was starting to get comfortable with the crown, in classical PC technological style these leaks have undoubtedly shaken up Nvidia a lot, if the data is to be believed, it’s fair to say that crown is will be switching heads very shortly.

What do you think of these leaks? Do you think the results are artificially inflated to generate pre-release hype? Let us know in the comments

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Reader Comments
  • OwnedPLK (@Vidda_tiscur)
    January 22, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    Nah. Nvidia also has another titan in the works too. Not like I am going to upgrade from my 970 to anything that is likely going to be around $500.

  • Have you seen how much its going to be thou? Upwards of $1200, knowing AMD they are going to drastically undercut Nvidia and still deliver resonable Mhz per $$.

  • If this undercuts the 980’s price point then it will be a smash hit for AMD, then of course we have the Titan releasing then AMD will release the big brother 300 series card and the circle will continue 🙂
    Sooooo looking forward to this

  • Thats what I am hoping too, AMD have been in the backseat for too long, its about time they had some glory. It looks like a killer GPU, knowing AMD its going to be cheaper than the Nvidia counterpart – just look at the Gsync/Freesync war.

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