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Raijintek Morpheus II Vega GPU Cooler Review

5 minutes read — Posted in Reviews

Raijintek is well-known for its coolers and also its innovative pc case designs. They strive to try and bring effective cooling solutions to the market without the huge cost associated...

OCPC Gaming GTX 1050ti Review

4 minutes read — Posted in Reviews

Today, we will take a look at an Nvidia based GPU, the OCPC GTX 1050ti 4GB. A mid range GPU that doesn’t break the bank but, can it keep up...

XFX R7 370 Core Edition Review

4 minutes read — Posted in PC Benchmarks

Last year, Andy reviewed the XFX 370 2GB Black Edition, which seemed to be an awesome card because it was able to overclock like a beast up to 130hmz on...