New X99 Motherboards surface from MSI!

by Nikolas Caven -
New X99 Motherboards surface from MSI!

Very recently, brand-new x99 motherboards from MSI have surfaced, with great features and overclock-ability. This is an overview of what some of the new motherboards have to offer! Specifically, two very high-end motherboards have released that are very impressive, one from each branding line of MSI. These are the MSI x99 Gaming 9 ACK, and the MSI X99 XPOWER AC motherboards. They both have some impressive specs, which you can see down below in the pictures provided from MSI’s website:

x99 gmaing
X99 Gaming 9 ACK

As you can see, the two new X99 motherboards have very different color schemes. This is due to the fact that the Gaming line from MSI is, as always, red and black, and has a lot of features the gamer will need. One of the most interesting things that the X99 Gaming 9 motherboard has is a built-on streaming card, so that game streaming is effortless and will not affect FPS. This is quite the feature to have, as even with Quicksync enabled, FPS would normally take a hit when streaming. With this new addition to the X99 Gaming 9, no longer will this be an issue since there is a dedicated card on the motherboard that can handle up to 1080P at 60 Mb/s. Along with this great new feature, the Gaming 9 ACK has a massive feature set perfect for gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals alike courtesy of the incredible X99 chipset. This includes DDR4 support, up to 4-way SLI, Sata express, USB 3.1, and many others.

x99 ac

On the other hand the MSI X99 Xpower motherboard is a yellow and black themed motherboard, with an emphasis upon the performance of the motherboard. It supports many of the same features as the Gaming 9 ACK, but also has AC Wifi built-in, and an incredible overclocking feature set. With all of the MSI overclocking tools you could need, and the best possible components for overclocking on the X99 Xpower, the motherboard should be competing or even surpassing the Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion motherboard which has broken so many memory and CPU world records of late. Perhaps we may see the first 4000 Mhz DDR4 RAM achieved on one of these motherboards! As with the other Xpower motherboards, this new x99 motherboard will likely be at a higher price point compared to its “Gaming” oriented brethren, but that is very well justified if the performance is as good as previous Xpower motherboards have proven to be.

Both of these motherboards are set to debut somewhat after Computex, after the official reveal there. Pricing has yet to be fully revealed, but based on previous X99 motherboards by MSI have shown, the Gaming 9 is likely to be around the $350 mark, and the X99 XPOWER will likely be in the $400 to $450 range.

What do you think? Are these boards interesting, or just more X99 boards with new features? Let us know in the comments below, of what you think about the new x99 motherboards!

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