Corsair CX750M PSU Review: Will it Keep up to Demands?

We are going to take a look at the Corsair CX750 Modular PSU – another budget power supply aimed at those running single GPU setups.
by Andy Cresswell -
Corsair CX750M PSU Review: Will it Keep up to Demands?
PerformancePSU Verdict: 4.7/5
Corsair CX750M Power Supply

Corsair CX750M Power Supply

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An entry level power supply perfect for medium sized builds. Provides solid power delivery and stable rails even when under load

Build Quality

Corsair are well-known in the industry for manufacturing quality components ranging from RGB lighting strips setups, gaming computer cases and even top-notch PC power supplies for a variety of budgets.

The Corsair CX750M Modular Power Supply is an 80 PLUS bronze-rated semi-modular power supply running up to 85% energy efficiency aimed towards budget PC enthusiasts running single graphics card setups with lower power requirements than those running beefier setups.

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A quick look at the Corsair CX750M power supply box, it looks like it could be a great little unit providing 63A on a single 12v rail. While not a huge amount of juice in terms of raw power supply output, but, it will get the job done.

If anything goes wrong within 3 years of purchasing the CX750M power supply and it wasn’t your fault, Corsair will get it repaired for you coming with a 3-year warranty and lifetime access to Corsair’s technical support service.

Corsair CX750M Technical Specifications

Corsair CX750M PSU
The Corsair CX750M Modular PSU Box
DC Output+3.3V+5V+12V-12V-5Vsb
Max Load25A25A62A0.8A3.0A
Model No*CP-9020061-NA
Power750 Watts
Fan Size120mm
Fan Size120mm
Connectivity1 x ATX
1 x EPS Connector
2 x Floppy Connectors
6 x Molex
4 x PCIe connectors
8 x Sata

Corsair CX750M PSU Unboxing

Unpacking the Corsair CX750M was a pleasant experience with everything perfectly packed. Coming squeezed between air tubes to ensure it was not damaged in transit – It was great to see Corsair taking precautions with potential shipping complications and DOA units.

The CX750X has very stealth-like feel having been coated in a matt black heat-resistant paint coming with a matching black fan grill and neon green and white Corsair branded stickers.

Out of the box, the modular cabling system is well organized. Instead of being braided like a majority of PSUs on the market Corsair have instead opted for flat ribbon cables.

While they take a little more work to mould in and around the PC case they are a decent length, I had no trouble routing them through our Corsair Obsidian Series Black 650D.

If I had to be picky about this power supply it would have been great to see some spare cables included just in case something goes wrong during the build process or a bad cable slipped through the quality control process, while thankfully it didn’t happen to me, it has happened before with the previous PC builds.

Corsair CX750M Bios Readouts

The power supply is now powering an Intel Core i5 2500k overclocked to 4.8Ghz, Custom CPU water cooling and an ASUS 290x OC.

UPDATE: This power supply is still going strong powering a Devil Canyon 4790K @ 4.8Ghz. It’s a cracking budget power supply for the money.

The CX750M is a solid power supply providing all components more power than they need, this allows for slight fluctuations in rail voltages when the PSU is under load. This is great considering a lot of power supplies often come with the +12v rail sitting under 12.00. Even when I am mining bitcoin and my machine is under full load the PSU keeps sturdy and doesn’t falter.


CX750M PSU in a Gaming PC Build
Finished Build with Side Panel On

Corsair has really been making a name for themselves in the past years with high-quality products such as their performance memory modules and it seems their power supplies are no exception.

Overall I am very pleased with our new Corsair CX Series 750M. My previous highest overclock prior to purchasing this power supply, was 4.55Ghz Prime95 stable now we are sitting at 4.8GHz.

Now I am not saying the CX750M is gods gift to PC overclocking enthusiasts and will magically increase your overclock, however, the overall stability of my system and my increased overclock has made me one happy user, I take my hat off Corsair.

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