AMD Is Teasing The Release Of Freesync Enabled Monitors.

by Nikolas Caven -
AMD Is Teasing The Release Of Freesync Enabled Monitors.

AMD has released information about new monitors that will support the new Freesync standard.

With AMD having partners such as LG and Samsung, among others its fair to say that the entire gaming and professional workstation community is hot on the heels of this new emerging pc monitor technology which is set to revolutionize desktop PC gaming forever.

Cinemagraphic Quality

AMD’s Freesync standard is a brand new graphics technology that changes the refresh rate of your monitor dynamically, translating into a significantly smoother, better gaming experience. In other words, rather than having strange issues such as screen tearing which is very common when using v-sync or when your frame rate is too high, the monitor will match your frame to the same as your graphics card resulting in a very smooth experience.

Smooth Gameplay Even At 30FPS

It has already been demonstrated that Freesync enabled monitors can deliver smooth, stutter-free game-play even at 30fps, take a second to absorb that information because I’m still trying to.

While you are absorbing that take a look at this demonstration video taking at CES in 2014.

Don’t Forget, AMD Freesync Is Opensource

The added bonus of Freesync over Nvidia’s G-sync alternative, as the name implies, is the fact that Freesync enabled monitors will cost $100-$200 less than the G-sync monitors due to Freesync being open source which, is great news for gamers looking to upgrade without breaking the bank.

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