8 LED Light Products for Gamers | Gaming Office Setups

It’s not easy to find the stuff to perfect your ultimate gaming setup, so to save you the trouble, we did the searching for you. The ultimate list of LED lights and LED Features.
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8 LED Light Products for Gamers | Gaming Office Setups
phillips hue play bar gaming pc
RGB Lighting for the Perfect Gaming Office Setup

LED lighting is the centrepiece for most gaming office setups whether that is addressable RGB led light strips inside your computer case or an abstract led light wall feature that brings everything alive, LED lighting makes a huge visual impact on the overall look, feel and aesthetic of your video gaming office setup.

There are many components to a banging video gaming setup: LED Mice, LED Keyboards, LED Mouse Mats, Wall Features such as Nano Titles, reactive monitor setups such as the one from Govee and even desk lighting. The list goes on.

To save you the hassle of trawling through the internet, I’ve curated 8 LED Light Products so you can build the ultimate led powered office setup.

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RGB LED Light Strips

20210314 160908 scaled
Video Gaming RGB LED light Strips

First on the list is the absolute essential staple item for any gaming office – RGB LED strips. LED strips can be used in a variety of ways such as DIY addressable RGB lighting with animations, simple RGB LED strip desk installations, behind your furniture or you could get really crazy and install and setup your own Phillips Ambilight on your gaming PC or TV.

There are a lot of cheap led light strips available on eBay, Amazon and even Google searches so, make sure to do your research beforehand. A brand we have been loving and using in a lot of our projects are BTF SK6812 ARGB Strips. They can be a little more involved to get working but the added white channel makes them really nice for general day-to-day use. Check out our SK6812 review here.

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Nanoleaf Wood Effect Tiles

Nanoleaf Elements wood effect
Nanoleaf Wood Effect LED Tile Installation

Rather than the opaque plastic you might be used to, these cool wooden effect tiles are different to what we are used to from Nanoleaf but, Nanolead’s Wood Effect Tiles are nothing short of stunning and would look fantastic in any contemporary gaming room. If minimalism is your thing then so are these.

Another quirk of these tiles over the rest of the Nanoleaf range is they only provide ambient white channels ranging from 1500k to 4000K. These include warm white and cool white. Despite being unable to select colours from the RGB spectrum, they are a stunning piece of kit.

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Phillips Hue Play Bar

phillips hue play bar gaming pc

If you twitch stream and have friends who stream or stream games yourself; You will definitely know what a Phillips Hue is, right? For the unenlightened, the Phillips Hue range of lighting products ranges from LED light bulbs, RGB led light strips, light bars, corner lamps and even led flood lights for outdoors.

The Phillips Hue play bar fits anywhere in your gaming room setup or office providing subtle lighting where it matters. Where the Phillip Hue Play Bar really shine is its software. Not only can you configure millions of colours but you can also route your monitor’s signal through the Hue Bridge (sold separately) which will automate your lighting and sync your bars to what you see on the screen which makes for an immersive video gaming or movie experience.

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LED Cloud Feature

led cloud feature ceiling

This isn’t a gaming room feature for everyone but, if abstract LED features are your thing then you might want to check out this LED lightning cloud ceiling feature. It will take a bit of work to get installed on your part but the end result speaks a thousand words.

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Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Goliath xxxl mousepad rgb review
Credit: EMCHAT

Out of all the RGB synchronisation providers out there, I think Razer are the best. Their ARG controller works out of the box and their software is jam-packed full of features that allow you to synchronise your entire setup so it comes at no surprise that at least one of their products made the list.

The Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad is a beautiful piece of kit that comes with built-in LED lighting which can be synced with Razer Central.

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LED Corner Floor Lamp

led floor lamp gaming setup scaled

A good gaming area or office comes down to lighting. Don’t get me wrong; We all know that one guy that has LED strips all over his room with no diffusers and it feels like you’re in a rave but this LED Corner Lamp is subtle when placed creatively in your space.

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Galaxy Projector

galaxy project gaming pc setup

From the time it gets dark to the time I go to sleep, my galaxy projector is on. It sets the mood in my gaming room and anyone who has never seen one before seems to sit in my beanbag staring for ages.

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LiFX 800 Lumen Smart LED light Bulb

LiFX 800 Lumen Smart Bulb

LIFX was recently acquired by a new company and has undergone a complete rehaul however that has not had an impact on its beautiful range of LED light bulbs and RGB led light strips. The LIFX 800 Lumen smart bulb is not designed to light up an entire space rather it’s designed to accent the feel of your room. This smart LED bulb comes with a lighting temperature range of 1500K to 9000K, millions of colours to choose from and Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit compatibility.

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