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Intel Release New Unlocked 6Ghz Flasgship CPU: 13900KS

2 minutes read — Posted in Tech News

Today, 12th January 2023 marks the release day for the “world’s fastest CPU” – Intel’s flagship 13900KS desktop processor which brings with it 24 physical cores running at a stonking 6000Mhz being paired with 36MB L1 Smart cache.

[PR] Cooler Master Announces 2nd Gen (TEC) Solution

2 minutes read — Posted in Tech News

The new ML360 Sub-Zero EVO features upgraded hardware, including a water block with integrated TEC technology combined with a redesigned pump, capable of achieving CPU temperatures previously unseen in any AIO liquid coolers.

[PR] Noctua confirms AM5 heatsink compatibility

2 minutes read — Posted in Tech News

Vienna, September 22nd – Noctua today confirmed that all its CPU coolers and mounting-kits that support AMD AM4 also support the upcoming AM5 socket, except the NH-L9a-AM4 low-profile cooler and the NM-AM4-L9aL9i mounting-kit.

Noctua Releases 3 New LGA3647 Coolers

< 1 minute read — Posted in Tech News

Noctua has released three coolers for the Intel LGA3647 socket. The new coolers are the NH-U14S DX-3647, the NH-U12S DX-3647, and the NH-D9 DX-3647 4U. Each uses those familiar brown...

The GPP is Dead

3 minutes read — Posted in Tech News

The GPP is dead and it seems too much headache for Nvidia to deal with. Let’s take a look at the blog post from Nvidia. A lot has been said...

Zen Engineer Jim Keller Joins Intel

< 1 minute read — Posted in Tech News

Jim Keller, the engineer behind Zen has joined Intel as a senior vice president. Mr. Keller will be heading up Intel’s silicon engineering. Jim Keller is moving to Intel from...