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Although it has been over a year since the new instalments, Pokémon X and Y were released; there has been a lot more hype around the remaster of Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire than previous generations.

Back when the Gameboy Advance was popular, Ruby and Sapphire was Pokémon’s and Game Freak’s new way of exploring RPGs, where secret bunkers can be made and Pokemon Contests to be played without any sort of battling.

Here is a reminder of what the Generation III game looked like before the remaster:

What is the difference between the GBA version and the 3DS/2DS version?

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have kept everything that made the original Ruby and Sapphire unique back when it was on GBA.

Gamefreak has adopted the template from X and Y, bringing us everything on a 3D scale, like the buildings, are 3D blocked, the way we walk can look like we are doing 360 degrees, and the characters and animations are more 3D than just flat design.

Not only are the designs kept from X and Y, but the battling format and animations are also kept too. It does get rather stimulating when the attacks your Pokémon uses, are close to the animations which you see from the cartoon that we all have grown up to watch!

Instead of showing a gameplay video with spoilers, the trailer for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire shows what is to be expected:

What is the Omega and Sapphire gameplay like?

If you have played the X and Y version, there is genuinely not much difference between Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

If you want to compare to the original, then the gameplay is a lot more enjoyable, especially when UI revamped and more 3d orientated. The game controls are very similar to before with hardly any changes at all, using the D-pad to move and A button to select, B button usually means no or cancel, X button brings out the menu and Y bring out the registered items. Also, the sensitivity of using the circle pad is quite useful for creeping up onto certain Pokémons when it flashes on your PokéNav Plus (this I will cover soon).

N.B. To do this creeping up to Pokémon with the DexNav, just gently move your circle pad like you are lightly pushing it. Your character should look like it’s tiptoeing until it reaches that mysterious Pokémon. You should look like this while creeping.

If you have played almost every generation of the Pokémon gaming series, you won’t find it hard to play this new remake.

The only thing that’s different is the whole 3D look and feel to the game if you have not played X & Y then you are in for a real treat.

For those that are just beginning to try this game out, it is easy. The tutorial is very clear and self-explanatory; if in doubt just use the touchscreen to get to your menus, maps, items, and saves. Battling is not so different to the way Gamefreak has always made them, the only more convenient way is that you can restore your Pokémon easier if you have the correct items in your bag.

What features make this game worth buying?

There are a lot of slick new features that have been added to Omega and Sapphire!

PokéNav Plus

This feature has practically taken over the touchscreen side of the 3DS/2DS. This gadget includes several nifty features called AreaNav, DexNav, PlayNav and BuzzNav.



AreaNav is your map, not only will it show where you are on your map and tell you where the routes and towns are. This subsection also shows the trainers that you will encounter or can fight again; where the berries that you will pick or have replanted will respawn; where Pokémons spawn on areas you have been to; and also the bases that you will discover.



DexNav is what used to be a PokéRadar. This application detects wild Pokémons which you could catch in the area that you are in. It also picks up visible Pokémons that other people show onto your PokéDex. This is a handy app as it detects the mysterious wild Pokémon along with its level, abilities, and traits.



PlayNav is where you get to play with your Pokémon outside of the storyline. You can train them with Super Training, play with it for more friendship points on Pokémon Amie, or battle others online including your friends on Player Search System. The PSS is by far the best part of this game when you can battle others like a PvP (Player vs Player) feel. Just be sure to link your console onto the internet!

Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution is making an appearance again! This feature that was first brought to us on X and Y was the ultimate burst damage that we want when at hard times we feel the need for them. Here are a list of the mega evolutions which you can obtain in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

Access Older Generation Pokemon


Transfer older generation Pokémon to the current game. This is pretty much self-explanatory, and it makes it easier with PokéBank at a yearly subscription for less than £5 a year. You can use all the previous content Pokémon brought forward to this current game to battle with your online friends!

Don’t Forget to Redeem Free Pokemon

One last thing… Free Pokémon!


If you have bought this game already, don’t forget to go on Mysterious Gift on your title screen and claim the free Shiny Beldum with Metagross mega stone!

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