[VIDEO] De-lidding Our Intel Skylake (6700k) Processor

by Andy Cresswell -
[VIDEO] De-lidding Our Intel Skylake (6700k) Processor

Today we are making history (at least on a small-scale) with the release of our first video on YouTube which shows you how to De-lid your Skylake CPU (or just about any other CPU that is not soldered).

In this video tutorial we are going to show you not only How to de-lid your Skylake Processor but also;

  1. A core safety tip which will minimize the risk of the de-lid going wrong
  2. Removing the silicone from both the CPU and IHS
  3. How to Apply Liquid Ultra to the CPU Core
  4. How to put the chip back in your system

Why are you taking a razor blade to your expensive hardware guys? Good question! We need consistently lower temperatures across all cores so we can better deliver in-partial, honest and fair opinions and stats on the hardware we review.

Unfortunately, the last time Intel released a processor to the general public that had a soldered TIM was Intel’s 2500K. As a result it’s well-known for chips to run hot and there to be a massive temperature variance between some of the cores. This throws off results sometimes when it comes to measuring heat output.

Disclaimer: When we say general public, We do mean pc processors that don’t cost upwards of $1,000.

How to De-lid your Processor with a Razor Blade Video

As promised in the video, here is the link to what happens when you use a vice on Skylake.

Disclaimer: We don’t accept responsibility for any damage that may occur to your processor. You do so with the understanding that it could go wrong. That being said, this is much safer than the Vice method which was previously discovered with Haswell chips BUT has already proven to literally shatter the thinner PCB on Skylake based processors most of the time.

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