Windows XP Now Officially Laid to Rest

by Andy Cresswell -
Windows XP Now Officially Laid to Rest

When Microsoft Released XP unto the world on October 25, 2001, we was all taken back by how slick it was and the advancements it gave us over windows 98, but on Tuesday 12 years after its initial release, Microsoft officially stopped actively supporting Windows XP which means no more security updates or technical support. It was a sad day for the few of you left clinging to familiarity and the simple way of daily computing.

Exploits to come

With Microsoft stopping all support for their most successful and now arguably retro operating system, its inevitable that hackers will start finding exploits and ultimately gaining access to the many people still using Windows XP.

In a statement made by Microsoft on Wednesday, they said: “If you continue to use Windows XP now that support has ended, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses”

There is still an estimated 30% of windows businesses and consumers that are still using Windows XP

Won’t Antivirus cover it?

While your antivirus may continue to update, it’s unlikely it will be sufficient to keep your system locked down especially in 6 months time when hackers have had free reign over the operating system without interference from Microsoft.

It would be a wise move to upgrade your operating system, if you are worried about your computer not being able to keep up I was surprised when I installed Windows 8 on my laptop with just 512MB of ram, It ran surprisingly fast and I use it daily for general tasks.

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