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2010 Hardware in 2018

by Andy Cresswell

This all started when Ronald Davies asked me to try out some older hardware he had. Ronald had some pre-overclocked settings already saved on the board that we used for...

OCPC Gaming GTX 1050ti Review

by Ronald Davies

Today, we will take a look at an Nvidia based GPU, the OCPC GTX 1050ti 4GB. A mid range GPU that doesn’t break the bank but, can it keep up...

Moonlighter: A merchant’s story

by John Weland

Moonlighter is a new take on an old style of a top-down dungeon crawling RPG (think Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past). You are the grandson of Pete...

InWin 101 Mid-Tower Case Review

by Ronald Davies

InWin is a company that is well known for its unique case design and high-quality construction. They make cases from small ITX cases to large E-ATX cases. Today, we will...