Dragon Age Inquisition PC Blackscreen Issues

by Andy Cresswell -
Dragon Age Inquisition PC Blackscreen Issues

So the 21st November 2014 is upon us and millions of hungry Dragon age fans have descended upon the origin server for its launch, but there has been some hiccups with the release of the smash-hit title on PC.

I have been eagerly awaiting this title since playing the other two instalments and also after playing it at Euro Gamer Expo (EGX) in London earlier this year, I have been to the supermarket, stocked up on Redbull, got a box of Twinkies and a packet of 20 cigarettes all in an effort to stay as glued to my screen as possible but already I am finding it hard to do that with several bugs and issues even getting the options menu.

Dragon Age Players Facing Black Screen

The first thing I and many other players have encountered so far, especially those of us using Windows 8 is the inability to get the game to load correctly.

Upon loading the game, I was greeted with sound and a maximised window complete with a toolbar that you have guessed it is black.

How do you fix Dragon Age Inquisition Blackscreen?

I tried various things such as reinstalling the latest graphics drivers, messing with the options and nothing worked until I set the game in compatibility mode.

  1. Navigate to: c:Program Files(x86)Origin Games/Dragon Age Inquisition
  2. Right click ‘DragonAgeInquisition.exe’ and click properties
  3. Click the compatibility tab
  4. Check ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and then select Windows 7 from the dropdown
  5. Hit apply and close the window

If you now open up DragonAgeInquisition.exe the game should now load without any issues at all.

Your Dragon Age PC Fix Didn’t Work!

Let me know what issues you are having in the comments, maybe someone else reading found a solution!

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Reader Comments
  • Even when i do this … it launches and has a green eye in the right down corner and ive been waiting for it to load 20 mins…
    i would like solution asap pls!

  • Is there anyway you are able to turn all your graphical settings down to low? I have noticed that during start up the game is using nearly 100% CPU, which as a result may mean its also using a great deal of ram to store textures and ‘running’ out of spare space.

    Just a thought.

  • YOURS IS THE EXACT PROBLEM I’M HAVING! I can’t find anythign for it anywhere. Its incredibly frustating. I know I have the minimum stats.

  • Hey Erik,

    The one thing i have noticed on the loading screen when it freezes up, is that its using 100% of the cpu, I having been having further luck with killing processes manually from Windows task manager.

    Give it a shot and see if you can get it going, when eventually you do, try turning down the graphics texture settings.


  • Hi Andy,
    I played the game with no problems. After 20h the game just got a black screen flickering. Know anything about it

  • What have you tried so far to fix the black screen issue with Dragon Age?

  • Same here. 20 Hours exatcly and had an update today. now the game is black at startup when running full window. If I however click outside of the game window it minizes and I can see the graphics

  • Played the game now with 14 hours playtime and now all of a sudden i’m getting a black screen, the game loads fine i get to the screen where all the soldiers are marching with their shields and i have to click to continue and that’s all ok then i get to the screen with all the options but i just click on continue as to load my game and that goes ok then i get to a screen with 3 cards that have a few little tips as it loads my game then the screen just goes black the music stops and nothing, it doesn’t say there’s an error nothing it just does nothing, how can this just happen from nowhere? i have had no problems at all with this game then this just happens?! i have heard that this game cant run on a duel core processor which isn’t true as i have an i3 2120 gpu and i have clocked 14 hours of playtime with no hickups until now and i seriously doubt my processor just decided to not let the game work anymore after 14 hours of playtime, i have repaired the files and that still hasn’t worked i have ran the game in compatibility mode for windows 7 that hasn’t worked i’ve ran the game on the lowest graphic settings and that hasn’t worked and i’ve ran the game in windowed as well and nothing it’s just always the same black screen, the only thing i haven’t done is an uninstall which i doubt will work, if anyone has a solution i will leave my wife and marry you 🙂

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