World of Warcraft 6.1 Patch Notes – Improvements and aesthetics

by Andy Cresswell -
World of Warcraft 6.1 Patch Notes – Improvements and aesthetics

It has been over 2 months since the release of the Warlords of Draenor. Currently, on the PTR, they have released 6.1 for us to test out, especially when not everything is perfect and content (especially for raiding) is getting low and slow and we are starting to run out of things to do.

From new models to selfie functions to new looks to character changes, there are many things that are being on the PTR realm., however, things could change during this PTR session.

So what’s new?


Mission UI

Considering the Garrison is our main hub and city to do our daily businesses, it is inevitable that Blizzard will update and add more to this. From UI changes to extra followers to more dailies etc.

  • Missions UI
    It has been made to make our lives a little bit easier. We do not need to mouseover our missions to glance at the basics of ilevel requirement to bonus rewards. The mouseover tooltip has also improved too as it gives more detailed information on how much longer the mission is staying for along with any counter infos and which of your followers can counter them and if they were still on a mission, it tells you how much longer they have left before they complete the current one.
  • Missions
    New missions are going to be added to help with our professions, to gain more apexis crystals, savage bloods. Relic/Bounty missions are to be introduced too. The Blackrock Foundry raid missions will also be made available too.
  • New quests and dailies
    There will be new visitors coming and joining our Garrisons. We will be able to get dailies to help improve our professions; we can use resources to choose our specific dailies to gain apexis crystals,. The daily dungeon quests and weekly raid quests are being introduced back to us too.

Heirloom tab – how does it work?

heirloom table

Since the new expansion, it has been made unclear on how certain heirlooms can be purchased because the Justice Points currency was removed from Mist of Pandaria at patch 6.0. Blizzard has decided to introduce a new system and a tab for our heirlooms.
First of all, the tab itself will replicate like your mount, toy bo and pet collection however instead of needing to click to learn or receive it into your collection, once you have bought it will automatically be added. The tab in itself will show what level those gears are effective until.
Secondly, you can buy your heirlooms with gold from the main cities of your faction (i.e. Stormwind and Orgrimmar) and from those vendors you can buy, both, the heirlooms and the upgrade items. Ideally, Blizzard wants this to be showing and working properly, however on the PTR, not all of it is working or showing correctly especially when wanting to upgrade the heirlooms to level 100.
On a plus note, Blizzad has also introduced a new slot for our neck, therefore we can have neck heirlooms!

Followers – will we get a legendary one?

garona halfocren

It is also inevitable that we will get more new followers with new traits to carry on our missions. One that sticks out the most is the Legendary quest line one.

“A new epic follower awaits those that complete the latest chapter in the Legendary Ring Quest Line!”
From Blizzard’s patch notes.

However, there has been rumours that it might be a legendary version as reported by Wowhead. It is rumoured to be Garona Halforcen who is with the shadow council! We will have to see when 6.1 actually comes out and see whether it will be her and whether our legendary quest follower will be epic or legendary!

Selfies and Twitter Intergration

Blizzard has decided to add these social and trending integration to the new patch. The Twitter integration allows everyone to share their achievements, linking items or screenshots by using the /share command.

The selfies are practically using the trend around social media that everyone is doing. In my opinion, this WoW selfie is pretty unnecessary considering I am seeing real life selfies on social media all the time, and this is taking your selfie obsession on WoW to a whole new level! However, each to their own hey?

New Blood Elf models

Blood elf female 6.1

There are plenty of work that needs to be done to make the blood elves look individual. Considering we are still in the PTR process, I’m sure it will be dramatically improved. In my opinion, it does not look that much different to the original apart from a little bit more texture and definition to their faces.

Shrinking your bodyguard

Bodyguard shrink

Another type of update where you can accessorise and use it like a toy. Minimising your bodyguard is here!

New Garrisons music box

A whole new collection to be made where we can travelling around to find them or via the relic and bounty missions.


Considering these are all listed on the Blizzard patch notes for the PTR, it is pretty hopeful that certain things are made to keep us more entertained. However certain extras like the selfie, social media integration and the music seems rather unnecessary especially when you either don’t play with much sound on or just not like the social media side of things.
I am definitely looking forward to the new Blackrock Foundry raid and finally raiding a proper raid compared to Highmaul which is suppose to ease us in. The extra choices of dailies does make life easier, however I am one for grinding.

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