Nvidia GTX 970 Facing Performance Crippling VRAM Problems

Reports are coming in that Nvidia’s GTX 970 is facing serious VRAM issues which could result in potential mass-recall.
by Andy Cresswell -
Nvidia GTX 970 Facing Performance Crippling VRAM Problems

Reports have been emerging that the Nvidia GTX 970 is facing performance crippling VRAM problems and is on the brink of a recall with many owners left with under-performing video cards..

Nvidia’s Mid / High-end graphics card which is priced between $340 – $390 has been facing serious issues when its with-in 700mb of full capacity, thanks to the guys over at OCN who run a bunch of benchmarks to get to the root of the problem concluding it is indeed a VRAM problem.

This puts its available memory at 3.3GB before users start seeing serious performance hits, for Nvidia flagship mid-range video card this spells potential disaster.

GTX 970 Users Suffering

This is not just a localized problem to a few people or brands either, in fact it’s so widespread that an official moderator over on Nvidia’s forum stating: We are still looking into this and will have an update as soon as possible.

While this does seem to be a widespread issue that could potentially spark a mass recall on all units unless Nvidia can manage to release a firmware update addressing the problem it does not seem to be affecting GTX 980 users.


Unless this VRAM issue is resolved (and fast) this could leave a serious tarnish on the otherwise flawless reputation of the 970, leaving many users having to return their shiny new Christmas presents.

In an era where 4K resolution monitors are becoming the norm and for games to require an absolute minimum of 4GB ram, this could spell disaster for an otherwise amazing video card.

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