Intel’s Compute Stick Releases World’s Smallest PC At $150

Intel has released their smallest PC on the market ready for us to easily transport it around. This is powerful a little dongle can turn any screens with HDMI ports into a PC!
by Andy Cresswell -
Intel’s Compute Stick Releases World’s Smallest PC At $150

Intel’s Compute Stick is now ready for you on 24th April 2015 and is available on pre-order now! The question is: “Are you ready for it?”

Alongside the many laptop and PC news that came out in early 2015, Intel quietly announced its Compute Stick that was claimed to be a computer that you can use everywhere, anytime, and anyhow you want it as long as an HDMI display is readily available. It is also considered to be the smallest working PC with just the size of a pack of chewing gum. Now imagine how small that is on the palm of your hands!


Compute Stick Specification

Little it may seem, do not take this Compute Stick lightly as it does offer a decent amount of power. This portable computer comes with the power of Intel’s Atom quad-core Z3735F processor at 1.33 GHZ, 2GB of RAM, and a decent 32GB solid state drive. While the storage does seem to be a bit limited, the stick is said to have a micro SD card slot on its right side to provide more storage for up to 128 GB. Of course, this computer-on-a-stick also comes with its own HDMI output. To make it more usable, Intel also packed the stick with a Wi-Fi, USB port and a Bluetooth connection.

Pricing And Release

Just recently, this Compute Stick was made available by numerous e-tailers like Newegg and Amazon. For the Windows based OS, you can pre-order it at $150. This also comes with Windows 8.1 on board. On Amazon, it somewhat states that Intel’s Compute Stick is going to be available this 24th April 2015.

If you are not the Windows-type kind of guy, Newegg also offers a Linux based version at a lower $110 and is said to come with Ubunto 14.04. The Linux stick was said to be previously priced at $89, but there are no records yet to prove this statement. Unfortunately, Linux-based sticks have a lower specification with only 1GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Big Things Comes In Small Packages

While technology is advancing, computers and gadgets somewhat require lesser and lesser space and this Compute Stick from Intel proves it is so. It does offer us a more convenient way in managing our PC lifestyle by providing us a computer that we can always carry with us, as long as there’s an HDMI display readily available. With these new innovations from Intel, I can’t help but wonder: “What will they come up next?”

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