Gaming 30 Amazing Gaming Themed Tattoos

30 Amazing Gaming Themed Tattoos

Tattoos are not the taboo they used to be. More people are rocking Gaming Themed Tattoos than every. We rounded up 30 Tattoos for Gamers.
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Have you ever thought about getting a gaming theme tattoo? I have. The problem is I have never had the kahunas to go and get it done. Instead, I browse the internet, looking at gaming related tattoos, wishing that someday they may grow in size.

Until then, I am left scouring the internet for the sickest tattoos one can find.

These people are showing off some amazing showcases of video game body art from Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, World of warcraft and Even Zelda’s Link.

These amazing gaming theme tattoos will leave you wanting to get yourself one, number 12 was my favourite.

Image List of Gaming Related Tattoo

Do you have a video gaming theme tattoo? Why not show it off in the comments below, with your permission we will even add it into the gallery if it is awesome enough

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