2014 Facts: Statistics & Facts about the Gaming Industry

by Andy Cresswell -
2014 Facts: Statistics & Facts about the Gaming Industry

I was sitting there playing some Fifa 14 and had a thought, How much exactly did the gaming industry make last year which brought me to doing this infographic. I could have added a lot more gaming statistics and facts but I wanted to keep it compact and scannable for gamers in a rush.

Stats about the gaming industry infographic

While doing my research I come across some amazing gaming industry statistics and some pretty cool gaming facts. For example, did you know the Sony Playstation was originally planned to be a cd add-on for the Super Nintendo, but due to licensing issues, Sony took the move to develop it into a stand-alone console?

In this gaming statistics infographic you will find some fascinating statistics about the gaming industry from revenue figures from 2013, the percentage of women vs men playing video games, gaming age range demographics and even some gaming facts for good measure.

Statistics & Facts about the Gaming Industry infographic

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