Is it Worth Buying Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC?

by Andy Cresswell -
Is it Worth Buying Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC?

After eagerly awaiting the release of BioWare’s new instalment in the Dragon Age series for nearly 2 years now, I was excited when I attended Euro Gamer Expo back in September and got to have a play.

I initially felt like the game was clunky when playing at EGX London but as with all demo based games presented there, some bugs are to be expected so really had hoped that this would of changed.

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Loading Issues

I was there at 00:00 on 21st November 2014 waiting for the button to change from preloaded to play. Upon trying to load the game I was immediately presented with game sound yet a blackscreen and unable to do anything at all.

I did manage to solve this issue but all is not over quite yet, oh no. In typical EA style, the game has been rushed out with far to many bugs.

Dragon Age issues before you even start playing

  1. When loading the game with default settings for the first time, you are likely to encounter issues starting the game
  2. If you don’t have issues with the first point, you will then have to tackle the loading screen using 95% of your CPU and potentially freezing the game altogether

Launch Issues Aside, It’s seriously beautiful video game

Putting the issues aside from that I, friends and many of you have had with Dragon Age: Inquisition launch, when you do eventually get into the game it’s totally mind-blowing with everything set on ULTRA, I am not lucky enough to have a 4K display as yet but I imagine this expansive world full of magical beings and power could blow your mind away – literally.

Having played all the previous Dragon Age games on Xbox previously (shame on me) I find there are a few niggly issues that are potentially holding back this game from being a truly special PC game:

  1. , Unlike console versions which feels smooth and fluid, the moving mechanics on PC feels unintuitive and clunky to use
  2. No action key on the keyboard, moving the character with right-click to then have to move and click a door is tedious
  3. There is zero fluidity between the games mechanisms.

I know I could go out and buy myself a pc controller, but being such a highly anticipated game which Bioware and EA have had plenty of time to develop I thought they would have been a little more careful, taken time to iron out the bugs and get everything working as it should on all systems.

Regardless of the issues, I have had to get the game going, I am totally hooked and blown away by this title, Bioware games are getting a reputation for being full of mind-blowing pc eye candy. The 2-year wait for the next instalment was worth it and I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far, If Bioware / EA can release a patch to fix loading issues then they are well on their way to a smash-hit gaming title.

The fantasy storyline is highly gripping, if you have the hardware to run it at ultra then you are going to be blown away by the vastness of this fantasy role-playing game.

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