E-Win Racing Champion Gaming Chair Review

We were lucky enough to receive a sample of an E-win Racing Champion Gaming Chair. This is our review of what turned out to be a really awesome gaming chair.
by Ronald Davies -
E-Win Racing Champion Gaming Chair Review
PerformancePSU Verdict: 4.7/5
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Ewin Racing Champion

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From the Reviewer

After using this EwinRacing Champion chair for few days, I feel more confident and comfortable sitting for long periods of time in front my computer.  While a lot heavier than my previous gaming chair, you can definitely feel the quality that Ewin brings to the table.  With premium materials, such as Polyurethane Armrests to memory foam in the pillows, back and seat of the chair, this chair is a joy to sit in.

  • Great construction materials
  • Memory Foam used throughout chair
  • Individualized bags make assembly easy
  • Lots of adjustability to setup your chair exactly how you want it
  • White Gloves included
Build Quality

While it might seem hard to believe, a few years ago, everyone just used office chairs for PC gaming but in recent years with the rise of streamers, TikTok and YouTube stars, that has all changed.

With the increased time sitting in front of your monitor, you must be comfortable as the user. I feel that Ewin Racing is right in the middle of the market space. They are not developing the cheapest chairs with just the looks; they are focused on quality without being priced at the top of the market space.

This will be our unbiased, E-win Racing Champion Gaming Chair Review.

Who are E-Win?

E-win is a newly founded company in 2016 after leading the OEM office chair market. They are pursuing humanism in design and manufacturing great ergonomic gaming chairs. Today we will take a look at the chair in their 2nd tier, the Champion series currently $289 ($349 MSRP). The Black and Blue version of the EwinRacing Champion was sent over for us for review.


  • 4D Adjustable Armrests: Polyurethane surface with Front/Back & Left/Right Sliding functions, Clockwise & Counterclockwise rotation and vertical adjustments.
  • Height Adjustable: Easy to use lever to operate to raise or lower the seat to the desired height.
  • Lever Operated Back Recliner: Easy to use lever to lean the seat backwards to the desired seat angle. Chair allows 85-155-degree adjustment range.
  • Tilt Lock & Tilt Control Mechanism: Easy to use knob to control the Tilt Lock or adjustable Tilt tension.
  • Durable Steel Frame: Strong Steel frame you can feel safe.
  • Cold Molding Foam: High Density memory foam.
  • 120 MM Class-4 Gas Lift: Durable, reliable and supports up to 150kb/330lbs.
  • Aluminum 5-Star Base: High quality strong 5-star base keeps you focused.


  • Height: 36.6 in/93 cm
  • Width: 21.3 in/54 cm
  • Boxed Weight: 58 lbs
  • Foam Type: 55kg/m3
  • Frame Construction: Painted Black Steel
  • Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
  • Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 degree
  • Tilt Lock: Yes
  • Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
  • Gas Lift Class: 4
  • Caster Size & Material: 2” Polyurethane Casters


I could not fit this on my normal unboxing table because the box is huge and heavy, which is expected of a chair.  Taking a look at the outside of the box, you have a picture of the E-Win logo and a red color scheme on the brown cardboard.  On the sides of the box, there are two labels. One is a picture of the chair and the designated color, and the other is a list of some of the chair’s specifications. The top of the box has two logos; one promotes team lifting since the box can be pretty heavy, and the other designates not to cut or cut too deeply because you might damage the contents inside.

Opening up the box, you are greeted with a cardboard panel to add protection. Under that is the 5-star steel base.  Under the base is another cardboard panel. Once removed, displays your chair back positioned between the armrests and the seat base.  An accessories box can also be found under the chair back.  The accessories box is well organized with individualized bags to separate contents, tools for assembly, trim pieces and finally, the tilt mechanism.

Build Quality

Looking into build quality, I will compare the Ewin Champion with my Amazon purchased Homall Executive Swivel Leather Chair.  Starting at the bottom of the chair, I believe that the casters and 5-star base come from the same manufacturer because they look and feel the same. This isn’t a bad thing at all because they are sturdy and strong materials.  Moving up to the Gas Lift, the lifts look the same, but the Ewin’s actuates smoother. There is not much else to compare unless the lifts are disassembled.  Next to examine is the Tilt Lock/Tilt Swivel mechanism and mount. The amount of the Ewin’s is made of thicker steel, contributing to the sturdiness of the chair. The tensioner knobs look similar, but the Ewin’s looks more premium and is clearer to ready the direction of either lose or tighter tension.

Moving on to the chair base, the Homall base bottom looks plain with a piece of fabric spanning the bottom of the chair to keep the padding inside and connect the Vinyl pieces. Like a piece of fiberboard screwed into a frame to keep the padding inside the chair. The tilt mechanism is attached with 4 screws in the same places as the Ewin Chair, and the Armrests are mounted to the bottom of the chair with two screws. The armrests are also mounted with flattened steel tubing. The Ewin base has fabric extended all the way under the chair and secured. The armrests are secured to the chair’s frame with 4 screws and increase the sturdiness. Three elastic bands help keep tension on the material to keep its shape and secured to the chair.  Moving up to the Chair backs. The Homall and Ewin back look very similar, but there are clear differences once you look closer.  Starting with the back pillow and neck pillow, the Homall ones feel filled with stuffing material.

The Ewin’s pillows are filled with memory foam and are comfortable. All four pillows are secured in the same manner. Looking closer at the stitching of the Homall, there seems to be a lot of space in between each stitch. The Ewin’s stitching is close and very prominent.  When comparing the design and material of the polyurethane leather that covers the outer surfaces of the chairs, both feel similar. Still, the Ewin definitely has more style in the design and stitching. Lastly, the armrests of the Homall are thin pieces of plastic, compared to the wider armrests of the Ewin chair with the 4D adjustment.


Installation of the chair is the same if you have assembled any other gaming chair.

The included color picture instructions make the process a breeze. First, you install the casters in the base and then add the gas lift. Next, you install the chair back to the chair base. This is followed by installing the armrests and the Tilt mechanism. Lastly, you install the chair base onto the gas lift and the base. The process was definitely made easier by the individually bagged tools and screws. The screws and washers provided to assemble the chair also seemed more premium than those provided with the Homall chair.


Testing the Chair in the normal use cases. The casters roll around on any surface, from carpet to a hard floor, with ease. The armrests have a great amount of adjustment to position them right where you need them. The chair back tilt has a great range allowing you to put your chair back in the right place for your comfort. The gas lift had no issues during either the raising or lowering operation. The Tilt Lock/Tilt Tension mechanism was easy to use and adjust the tension to my liking without any difficulty. Overall, the chair functions in all the normal use cases without any issues or difficulty.

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