Nintendo’s Concept Art of Harry Potter

by Andy Cresswell -
Nintendo’s Concept Art of Harry Potter

Having to find out about that Nintendo had made a concept of Harry Potter from Unseen64, a little part of me inside felt down that this concept never came to life.

Unseen64 has made exclusive news of how Nintendo has failed to gain the licence for this forever popular franchise alongside never seen before concept art created by Nintendo.

Nintendo's concept art of Hagrid's House

It seems that back in 1998 when the first Harry Potter book was released, North America’s Nintendo Software Technology had knuckled down on developing and pitching for the licence of this franchise. The licence held everything from its gaming to the franchising to the movies. Every major company obviously bidding for this and has sadly lost out to Warner Bros with Electronic Arts dealing with the gaming side of Harry Potter.

It is also worth noting that it was JK Rowling that turned down Nintendo as the company can not offer more than gaming as she wanted to expand in the TV and film industry.

Nintendo's concept art of the vision of Hogwarts

It has been revealed that Nintendo was planning to release their adaptation onto the Nintendo 64, Gamecube and the Gameboy Advance and any future consoles that they were going to release at that time to match the release of each book. The development team were split into two groups to create 2 games. The major team was working on a third-person adventure game whereas the other team was working on a game on quidditch.

Nintendo's concept art of the Hogwarts Express

The concept art shown throughout this post would have given me a fairly good idea of how the game would have worked out. It does certainly remind me of the art drawn similar to the Professor Layton series. I have read around that the concept art did not match the whole book and whatnot, but hey I personally think the art in itself shows some of the eerie magical feels. I certainly wouldn’t mind some of these concept arts being released on some of the future games or updates of current games like Super Smash Bros battleground. I think my childhood would have felt a little bit more fun-filled if Harry Potter was released by Nintendo, especially the small quidditch game they developing (Fifa what?!).

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