Nvidia’s Pascal Will Be More Beastly Than The GeForce Titan-X

At the GPU Technology Conference, the CEO of Nvidia announced the development of their next gen GPU Pascal. It is said to beat the currently hot subject of the GTX Titan X in every way.
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Nvidia’s Pascal Will Be More Beastly Than The GeForce Titan-X

Nvidia released their GeForce Titan X, and in all honesty, it is truly a monster GPU that offers more speed and more power than our current GPUs. BUT compared to their announced next-gen Pascal GPU, the Titan X is looking like a mid-tier GPU.

Last year at an annual GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang of Nvidia announced their new Pascal GPU, following Maxwell GPUs. He stated that new features will be added, mainly stacked Dram, unified memory and NVlink.

During this year’s GPU Technology Conference at Silicon Valley, more details were revealed and it seems to be looking great at the moment.


Let’s Check Out The Details:

Details from last year was pretty much the same but with a few updates, let’s take a quick recap shall we?

  • 3D Memory – This enhanced the gathering of data from memory to GPU, boosting its throughput and efficiency. Also it’s said to be built more compact, allowing for more power into smaller devices. Claimed to be several times greater bandwidth, quadrupled energy efficiency and more than twice the memory capacity.
  • Unified Memory – Giving applications a more efficient way by allowing CPU to access GPU’s memory and GPU’s to access CPU’s memory.
  • NVLink – Speed is what matters and with NVLink, it is said to have a fatter pipe between GPU and CPU for a more data flow. Instead of having the rate at 16GB per second, it surprisingly boosts it up to 80GB per second.
  • Pascal Module – With NVLink, a new module needs to be designed to house Pascal GPUs together with NVLink. It is said to be at one-third of the size of standard boards currently out there.

Pretty crazy huh? Here are a few notable updates for this year’s GPU Technology Conference. By using deep learning applications, the Pascal GPUs is claimed to be 10x beyond the speed of its current-generation Maxwell processors.

  • Mixed-Precision Computing – Enables the GPU to compute at 16-bit floating point accuracy. This benefits deep learning’s two key activities, classification and convolution.
  • MemoryMentioned to have 2.7x more memory available than their recently released GTX Titan X. So if you’re thinking that 12 GB DDR 5 is enough, Nvidia doesn’t think so, upping it up to 32 GB VRAM.
Pascal roadmap

More Powerful GPUs

As you all know, GTX Titan X is already a powerful card, and with the upcoming AMD R390x, we’re only getting a faster and more powerful GPU that we probably can’t even fully utilize.

But that doesn’t stop us from advancing! This is considering the nearing of Pascal GPU said to be released at 2016, and another GPU from Nvidia named Volta, is already underway said to be around at 2018. But while we’re waiting for these powerful GPUs, let us savour for a moment our new GTX Titan X, and of course the upcoming AMD R390x that is almost here.

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