Percentage of Console vs PC Gamers[INFOGRAPHIC]

by Andy Cresswell -
Percentage of Console vs PC Gamers[INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s long been thought that the margins between people gaming on video game consoles and pcs have been vast with gaming consoles winning by a long margin.

Now, thanks to the following infographic while a little outdated demonstrates (amongst some other outrageous gaming market facts) that the gap is not as large as you may think with video game console users at 70% and Gaming PC users at 65%.

Video Games: An Industry in Transition [Infographic]

Percentage of Console vs PC Gamers - infographic

This infographic demonstrates perfectly that the gaming industry is fast-paced and changing rapidly by the year, with overall revenue generated from video game console sales down and the trend of switching over to lower-cost smartphone devices. I wasn’t surprised to see that there are more users gaming on smartphones then there was on dedicated handheld devices such at the Sony Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS, with the rise of Facebook games, the ability of smartphones and hardware advances, It has allowed smartphone-based games to become more immersive and as always infinitely more addictive.

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