Windows 10 Will Be the Last Operating System Ever Released by Microsoft

Microsoft have announced windows 10 will be the last OS they produce, and moving over to bi-monthly big updates
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Windows 10 Will Be the Last Operating System Ever Released by Microsoft

It is officially the end of an era. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be the last version of the popular operating system.

Windows 10 is scheduled for release this summer but has been completely revamped when compared to earlier versions. Microsoft is trying to keep up with the changing technological landscape with their plans for the future of Windows. For example, much like with apps on our smartphone, the new Windows will offer continuous updates to users that can be effortlessly and automatically downloaded.

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Many Microsoft users are excited about the upcoming changes because they will no longer have to wait three years for new operating systems to be rolled out. Instead of designing and developing operating systems that take years to create and produce, Microsoft will implement major changes to Windows 10 every couple of months. Jerry Nixon is a Microsoft Developer who spoke at the Ignite conference in Chicago recently when he explained,

“Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, so we’re always working on Windows 10.”

Another appealing aspect of Windows 10 is the operating system will soon be compatible with all of your devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even HoloLens. While cross-platform use will not be available immediately, Microsoft plans to slowly introduce these changes in the near future.

Also, faithful Windows users will no longer have to wait for important security and feature updates with Windows 10. Microsoft will regularly release security updates as they are developed. This will protect user’s privacy and security while also constantly providing them with the latest goodies for their devices.

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A name change is also in order for the megalithic internet company. Windows 10 will eventually become known simply as Windows, reflecting the “Windows as a Service” being offered by Microsoft.

On the other hand, users who are disappointed with the look or functionality of Windows 10 no longer have the option of waiting for the next version to be released. So, hopefully, the company will avoid mistakes made in the past (anybody remember Windows Vista?), and concentrate on providing the best of the best to loyal Microsoft users around the world.

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It’s clear that Microsoft is determined to keep up with the competition, with the new operating system being quite similar to the platforms used by their rival, Apple. However, Microsoft promises to keep the heart of their technology, which means being user-friendly and providing affordable access to the most innovative technological developments.

The new (and last) version of Windows will be made freely available to all existing Windows users, allowing them to painlessly download Windows 10 as soon as it is released.

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