Logitech K800 Illuminated Keyboard Review

We take a look at Logitech latest wireless offering the K800 which has proven to be one heck of a keyboard.
by Andy Cresswell -
Logitech K800 Illuminated Keyboard Review
PerformancePSU Verdict: 4.8/5
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Logitech K800 Illuminated Keyboard

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Another quality product from Logitech. A wireless keyboard that is pratical and wont leave you without batteries coming with a built in charger.

Build Quality
Ease of use

Logitech have been around for years being first established on October 2, 1981. Since then they have risen the ranks to become a household name and one that 95% of people who have ever used a PC know. After a long hiatus for over 10 years I have returned to Logitech with the new K800 wireless illuminated keyboard.

unboxing k800 keyboard

Out of the box, it comes in a mix of matt and gloss black plastic with a very thin piece of clear plastic around the edge that illuminates your desk in the dark.

The keyboard comes with a cable, so you can recharge your keyboard and a small documentation pack that includes a Bluetooth dongle and warranty information, overall its well packed and includes everything needed to get setup.

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Logitech K800 Wireless Keyboard Key Features

  • Full size QWERTY Keyboard
  • Laser-etched backlit key
  • Hand Proximity Detection
  • Streamlined Design
  • Adjustable keyboard lighting
  • Rechargable

Logitech K800 Build Quality

As with everything you buy, you do get what you pay for. Coming in at nearly £80 ($150USD) it would be disappointing if the keyboard felt cheap but as always Logitech has over-delivered with an extremely good product.

The K800 is a sturdy keyboard that doesn’t feel flimsy in any way. The contrast between the matt and gloss black plastics coupled with the illuminated keys means it is extremely easy to see where you are typing even when it’s 2am and all the lights are out.

logitech k800 keyboard

For those of you who prefer a laptop-style keyboard where the keys don’t stand so tall like many of the mechanical keyboards on the market then you will love the Logitech K800 wireless keyboard. The key height means it’s easy to touch type, and they don’t make a huge thump either when you press each key – it’s an extremely well-balanced keyboard.

Logitech K800 practical Usage

The reason for me ordering a new keyboard for my computer was that I had spent a long time developing websites on a Mac mini, after moving back to Windows using a terrible Razer Lycosa keyboard which is honestly the worst keyboard I have ever used I was finding it hard to adjust. At the end of a long day coding my knuckles and fingers hurt, and I was constantly mis-pressing keys.

Logitech’s K800 has been a great replacement for my old keyboard, allowing me to touch-type freely and code once again for extended periods of time. If you’re a developer or writer then this is the keyboard for you!

Gaming performance from the K800 is also surprisingly good considering it is a wireless keyboard that is notorious for a little latency when pressing keys however, Logitech has excelled and provided solid response times when keys are pressed, I had zero problems playing CS:GO.


The last Logitech product I owned was their G5 gaming mouse; that was a beautiful piece of hardware and this is no exception. As long as you don’t skimp too much you can never go wrong with a Logitech Keyboard or mouse. The K800 illuminated keyboard is no exception. This is the perfect keyboard if you spend lots of time typing at your desk or simply want to keep your desk clean.

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