Intel Reveals Unlocked Socketed Broadwell CPU at GDC 2015

Intel finally unveiled its unlocked range of broadwell desktop PC processors at GDC, we take a look at the details
by Andy Cresswell -
Intel Reveals Unlocked Socketed Broadwell CPU at GDC 2015

During GDC, gamers and of course developers had the luxury to witness a lot of tech advancements first-hand and one of them was Intel’s Unlocked Broadwell CPU.

Through the years, gaming visuals, gameplay and connectivity has improved vastly, with Intel’s new desktop system that operates a 14nm, it does seem to fit the profile. But that’s not all, this monster CPU is said to include their Iris Pro Graphics aswell.

Being unlocked Intel’s Broadwell-K could potentially be a seriously good overclocker

Unlike Nvidia, Intel hasn’t forgotten the overclocking community. This Broadwell CPU is unlocked to benefit overclocking enthusiasts out there.

This future Intel microprocessor is expected to have a platform socket of LGA 1151. Although most sockets have limited memory support, there’s a rumor that says future motherboard of this socket will feature a support for both DDR3 and DDR4 memory. A really good feature if those rumors are true.

What Should We Expect From Intel’s Broadwell-K Processor

This new desktop processor from Intel will still have the same architectural enhancements such as the 14nm process node, the latest HD 6200 HD Iris Pro Graphics and 5% IPC improvement. You might be thinking it’s too much for the processor to take, but with only a 65 watt of power, it surely can accommodate the processes it needs to perform well. Also, with DirectX 12 just around the corner, the Iris Pro Graphics is said to have a boost of 20% in performance.

“This is like getting free hardware. So if you’re a gamer, and you upgrade to Windows 10, and you have that Iris Pro, it’s like getting that extra kick. It may make your game go from not quite playable, to playable, from mediocre to awesome, from awesome to just out of this world.”

Bryan Langley – Program manager for graphics with Microsoft

One thing note-worthy of this new processor would be its memory support, and that’s DDR4. That’s kind of expected, seeing that a powerful CPU can outperform a DDR3 in the future. So that would mean not just a CPU upgrade, but a memory and a motherboard as well if you’re thinking of grabbing one for yourselves.


Now that 14nm is about to get a hold on the desktop community, gaming surely will be a different experience from then on with faster and hopefully durable CPU’s. The only downside to all of this is it’s yet to be released this mid-2015. Also, I do hope hearing from AMD soon if they’re planning on releasing their own 14nm processors, for Intel to at least consider their pricing later on.

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