8 Things you need for the perfect gaming setup

Struggling to get the perfect gaming desk setup? Here’s 9 essential things you need to make your friends jelous.
by Andy Cresswell -
8 Things you need for the perfect gaming setup

So you have just picked up a shiny new gaming PC, PS5 or XBOX but your desk is looking limp and unappealing. What do you need to buy? Achieving the perfect gaming setup is easier than you think. Let’s go through the eight essential things you need for your gaming desk.

1. RBG Lighting

Gaming PC with RGB LED lights on a computer, assembled with hardware components

No gaming setup is complete without some quality lighting to set the mood. There are many kits available online that you can buy and install behind your desk, pc monitor and in your pc case however, they are normally restricted to one colour rather than full spectrum effects. Corsair do a great range of RBG lighting products but it can get pricey for a full setup.

For a fraction of the cost and, If you know how to use a soldering iron, you could save some money and create your own addressable RGB lighting setup using commonly available, and cheap materials from Amazon.

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2. A Quality Gaming Keyboard

AdobeStock 230651709 scaled

Gaming on a keyboard you used in school is no fun and it should go without saying that you absolutely need a quality keyboard if you want to do any competitive gaming. There is a lot of keyboards out there for all types of budget.We reviewed the APEX TKL Pro, a flagship keyboard produced by Steelseries and we was very impressed. It has great response times and can be set up for any genre of game.

3. The Gaming Mouse

RGB gaming setup
RBG Lighting for games

It doesn’t matter what genre of games you need, 99% of competitive games require speedy response times, not only from you but your hardware too. Logitech lightspeed technology allows for a really clean setup using their Powerplay mouse mat but it will set you back a fair amount of money. Razer, Logitech and Corsair almost always make great hardware but make sure to do your research first.

4. Gaming Headset

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Gaming headsets are essential if you plan on any online competitive gaming. We have all been there playing with someone who has a serious echo. That’s because they are playing through speakers with a microphone on their desktop – Don’t be that person.

A quality gaming headset with good microphone quality can be had for around $70 (£40 sterling). If you want something that syncs with your rbg lighting, its going to get a little more pricey.

5. Headset Stand

corsair gaming st100 rgb premium stand Cropped

No gaming desk is complete without a headset stand. Also, it keeps things minimal and tidy.

6. Comfortable chair

E-Win Racing Champion Gaming Chair

A comfortable chair is a primary purchase. Take comfort over looks as well. “Gaming chairs” are generally not the more ergonomic so for that reason, we recommend an office chair or similar. Something with plenty of lumbar support to stop any long term back problems and height adjustable too.

7. A Big Enough Desk

small gaming desk scaled
Small desk space

There is nothing worse than buying a desk that is too small to fit everything you need. If space is limited, consider wall-mounting your pc monitor to save some space on your desktop. We don’t recommend buying a desk without first measuring your space first.

8. The Right Lighting

gaming lighting scaled
Selecting the right gaming lighting

Overhead lighting is rarely very good for games, it creates glare on the screen and washes out your blacks unless of course, it’s dimmable and can achieve a white temperature of around 6500k as its been proven to reduce eye strain.

Ideally, eye-level diffused light is best. Phillips hue lighting has RGBWW diodes meaning you can not only have nice colours at the touch of a button but, you can also adjust the white temperature as well.

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