PC Cable Management is Important

by Andy Cresswell -
PC Cable Management is Important

PC Cable management is a therapeutic thing for me, I find myself when I am frustrated or stressed pulling apart my gaming pc and giving it a good old clean and organising my cables, for me, there is just something about it I can get lost in.

However there are some people who hate it more than brussel sprouts on a Sunday afternoon, but it’s something you should never slack on – especially if you are overclocking your gaming PC.

PC Case Airflow

I recently did a piece on improving your PC heat sink cooling efficiency and spoke about the importance of good airflow in your PC case, especially when it comes those of you are using copper air and iron to cool your computer components.

Keeping optimum airflow through your computer’s case reduces the ambient case temperature which ultimately gets your other components cooler, after all, we cannot make computer components cooler than the air surrounding it, this is basic thermodynamics.

When it comes to pc component overclocking, every degree you can shave off your CPU, GPU or other components the higher your overclocks will be

What does quality PC case cable management look like?

I am a sucker for hardware pR0n and the same goes for amazing pc case cable management. I can never have a cable out-of-place not just for the benefit of lower ambient case temperatures but for the eye candy as well, nothing quite like a sparkling gaming pc.

corsair 650d obsidian pc case

I have a Corsair 650D Obsidian Gaming PC Case and all I can say is wow. There is really clever entry points for your computer power supply cables that are fed through black rubber grommets which blend perfectly against the internal matt black powder coat, if you have black pc power supply sleeving then you will not even see your cables.

You could swing a cat around inside this PC case, it has loads of space, removable hard drive bays, filters for the huge 120mm intake fan on the front and it even has room to internally mount a 240mm water cooling radiator. If you could live without a DVD drive like many people can these days you could easily fit a triple fan radiator in this easily.

gaming pc cable management
PC Cable Management computer
pc case mod sleeving kit

But I have all these different colour PSU wires


If you have messy PC power supply cables like in the picture above never fear! Amazon has plenty of power supply cable sleeving kits that are very user-friendly and start from as low as $10, they keep your cables organized, allow you to feed them through the edges of your case and improve the airflow of your pc case considerably, not only that they look great under UV cathode lighting.


Making sure you have good airflow in your case is essential if you want to get the maximum out of your overclocks and proper cable management is a part of that, If you have a power supply that is not already sleeved go and grab yourself a heat shrinks kit and get that PSU sleeved, monthly dust clean up operations will be miles easier for it as well.

Are you proud of your PSU cable management skills? show them off in the comments.

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