Reasons You Don’t Need a Console to Enjoy Gaming

Checkout our top tips for getting the most out of gaming without a console.
by Andy Cresswell -
Reasons You Don’t Need a Console to Enjoy Gaming

Video games are vastly popular and over the last decade or so they have become even more popular. In fact, playing video games is one of the top hobbies among teenagers and adolescents. Video games consoles dominate the current gaming market. The big three of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony saturate the industry with their products.

Whilst there is no doubt the console gaming is great and might be the ultimate format there are other alternatives. The issue with console gaming is that it can prove to be an expensive investment. Video games are becoming a lot more expensive than they ever have been before. Consoles are also a massive expense and have to be constantly updated and replaced every few years.

Because of this gaming can be an expensive hobby. Many console users often have more than one console as well. This can cause financial issues as well as being a waste of money on occasions.

But the good news is that there are many gaming options available to you without having to spend money on a console.

Online Gaming

Online gaming has experienced a huge rise in the past few years. The internet has become more powerful and, as a result, online and interactive gaming has become more accessible. You can visit sites to find things like free online strategy games and start playing at the click of a button.

This looks set to revolutionise the way that we view modern gaming. In fact, if you have a games console you can even enjoy online gaming via your console. Using the internet is a great way to find free and interesting games to broaden your experiences. This will allow you to save money whilst still enjoying the gaming experience.

PC Gaming


Though consoles seem to be the popular choice, there is still a high demand for PC gaming. If you have a good PC you can enjoy a great gaming experience. You can even customise your PC to become more gamer-friendly.

The advantage that your PC has over a console is that you don’t have to replace it every few years. If the worst comes to the worst you can always buy extra memory or other functions for your PC and just add them to your existing model.

Mobile Device Gaming

Mobile gaming is becoming popular now. Since the rise in smartphones users have realised they can have an immersive gaming experience on mobiles.


This has led to a whole slew of popular and successful app games being developed for smartphones. Games such as Angry Birds have transformed the way that video games are played now.

With modifications happening to phones every year mobile gaming is sure to grow in success and popularity.

Handheld Gaming

Another alternative buying a fully fledged games console is to opt instead for one that’s small enough to fit in your hand and still have better capabilities than an Apple or Android device. Handheld devices are like consoles, sure. But they are much more convenient and efficient than the larger and bulkier consoles.

handheld gaming

Handheld devices allow you to play on the move and are perfect for taking on long journeys or weekends away. They also work out to be cheaper than buying a console.

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