Unreal Engine & Unity Adds Support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

by Andy Cresswell -
Unreal Engine & Unity Adds Support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is getting a lot of attention right now from gamers because third-party game support has kinda been lacking, and there has been a lot of recent news.

Not only is AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) support being added to Resident Evil Village in the next couple of weeks but, on the eve of FSR support being added to Arcadegeddon, there has been an announcement that support for AMD’s resolution upscaling technology is being added to Unreal Engine and Unity bringing with it a new wave of support for future games.

With native support for FSR just around the corner for new future gaming classics, what does this mean for gaming performance?

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) Demo

FSR is AMD’s supersampling software which provides software upscaling for gamers. FSR is not quite so powerful as Nvidia’s proprietary AI Focused Deep-learning supersampling features, which obviously comes with licensing attached to it; however, FidelityFX Super Resolution by AMD is free, works on most modern GPU’s and provides a very welcome performance boost for future games titles.

As it stands today, there are currently only 7 games that include support for FSR; 22 Racing Series, Anno 1800, Evil Genius 2, Godfall, Kingshunt, Terminator: Resistance, and The Riftbreaker. So it is fair to say the current support for FSR is limited. This being said, we do have support being added for Resident Evil Village and Far Cry 6 too soon.

In a post on their blog, AMD has stated that gamers can expect an average of 2.4x the performance when running games in 4K. Considering many of you are struggling to run a consistently high FPS when running games at higher resolution – I say bring it on.

FSR v1.0 Released to Public

This amazing news also comes alongside the release of FSR v1.0 being released by GPUOpen for public use.

The first source code release of FSR can be found on the GPUOpen GitHub Repo.

Today is not just about the FSR source code becoming available. It’s even bigger than that! We’re incredibly excited to announce that developers can also take advantage of FSR in the latest preview version of Unity. We have an FSR feature patch available for Unreal Engine 4.26.- source

This means, as of today, game developers using Unity or Unreal Engine can enable FSR and start testing the upscaling technology right away.

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