RGB Lighting Guide for Gamers

Are you a Gamer and Want to Create your Own RGB Lighting Setup? Checkout this Essential RGB Lighting Guide for Gamers with Tips, Tricks and Even the Best Lights to Buy.
by Andy Cresswell -
RGB Lighting Guide for Gamers

RGB Lighting is like Marmite for most gamers (if you don’t know what Marmite is, it’s an English thing) – You either love it or hate it. If you’re anything like me, though, you likely have a bit of a soft spot for an amazing lighting setup.

There are lot’s of ways you can achieve a sick gaming setup but, the easiest way is adding strategically placed LED strips and RGB computer lighting can transform the feel of your gaming or streaming setup and leave you the envy of your friends.

RGB Software

Manufacturers build their products with a particular set of functions. Unfortunately, those functions are not always standardised across the board, meaning hardware sometimes, can only be used with the corresponding RGB software provided by manufacturers such as SteelSeries products.

Much like you cannot use an Apple charger on an Android device, the same is true with many RGB lighting products.

Some RGB software provided by manufacturers is amazing with many customisation options whereas others are still in their infancy or investment has not yet been made in these areas.

Asus Aura Sync

Asus aura sync software
RGB Lighting using Aura Sync

Asus Aura Sync has an extensive 3rd party partner roundup that lists an impressive amount of products that are compatible with their software. You can get everything from RGB motherboards, RGB ram, AIO RGB CPU Watercooling, Desks, Case Fans and even PC Cases.

Corsair iCUE

Corsair Icue Software
RGB Lighting using iCUE

Corsair’s iCUE RGB Software system provides a robust RGB lighting management system; however, it only supports Asus for RGB motherboard lighting, saying this, they have some of the most robust software available that is developed quickly and updated frequently with new features.

Razer Chroma

Razer Chroma RGB software
RGB Lighting using Razer Chroma

Razer chroma supports an impressive list of 3rd party products enabling you to create a truly personalised RGB experience. The software provided by Razer is a community favourite. It is up there with Corsair iCUE and Aura Sync providing an extensive library and feature set to customise your RGB lighting setup.

RGB Computer Lighting

Before we explore RGB lighting ideas for gaming rooms, we are going to look at RGB computer lighting. After all, most gamers put their focus on their PCs before they start attacking their gaming space.

Here are some different ways you can use to add RGB to your computer.

Computer Case

RGB Computer Case - NAZXT H510

When designing a custom PC build, it normally starts with an idea. That idea includes colours, a feel and a theme. The computer case you choose is a big deciding factor in that. If you are a minimalist lover, then an NZXT H510 might be a great choice

If you wanted a computer case that includes RGB and needs to be brash and in your face then take a look at Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL.

Case Fans

rgb case fan array

If your computer case is the foundation for your build, then RGB Cases fans are next. They are recognised by most software providers, making them easy to integrate with preexisting builds, and there are plenty of RGB case fan manufacturers to choose from.


aRGB SK6812 Led Strips

RGB and aRGB LED strips can be used to brighten up your PC case, and the truth is, you should always add some to your computer case.

If you are wondering what is the difference between RGB and aRGB LED strips, check our FAQ at the bottom.

Bonus: BTF Lighting SK6812 Review


RGB Gaming Motherboard

RGB lighting has made its way into motherboard production, too, with some coming equipped out of the box. RGB-enabled motherboards to come with lighting pre-installed on the board and jumpers/headers for you to connect your existing strips.

However, there is one caveat right now; Most RGB motherboards are produced by ASUS and supported by only one software vendor.



RAM is normally the last thing to get attention in most builds. Many people are happy with the stock heat spreader, and some even opt for buying black RAM modules to hide them altogether. RGB RAM modules produce a strip of light across the top face of the ram. They add character to an otherwise boring hardware component.

CPU Cooler

RGB CPU Water cooling

With products like the InWin SR36 PRO on the market, it makes sense to invest. CPU coolers have always been a big focus for PC modders and Gaming PCs. They are big. They take up huge real estate and significantly impact the overall aesthetics of a PC build.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to use watercooling or air cooling. There is a huge range of RGB CPU coolers to brighten up your computer.

Asus Aura Sync supports the line of ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II RGB products .

Cable Combs

RGB Cable Combs

Have you seen pc builds with beautiful cable work and perfectly separated cables? Well, that’s the work of a cable comb. Cable combs are a favourite in the modding world, and now, they have been upgraded with RGB.

RGB Lighting Ideas for Gaming Rooms

There are many ways to use RGB lighting to enhance your gaming room, not just a strip of cheap led strips superglued to your wall.

In this section, we will explore the different ways you can apply RGB lighting.

Floor Standing RGB Lights

Floor Standing Phillips Hue Bars
Phillips Hue - Floor Standing Lights

Floor standing RGB lights such as the ones by Phillips Hue and BeBasics can bring light to dark corners, add atmosphere and are brilliant for mixing colours. Moreover, they are inexpensive and will bring life to your gaming room.

PC Ambilight

DIY Arduino WLED Ambilight Pc Screen

We have installed programmable strips around our desks and monitors. We have even created a Phillips Ambilight setup for a gaming pc but, but there are lots of off-the-shelf RGB lights and products you can use to achieve similar results if you prefer not to get your soldering iron out.

Bonus: WLED Arduino: How to Make Your Own PC Ambilight

One of the great things about installing an Ambilight setup on your PC monitor is that it doesn’t just work with movies. It also works with games adding amazing depth to your gameplay.

RGB Desk Lighting

RGB Desk lighting for Gamers

Installing your own LED RGB strips under your desk is a great way to add dimension and depth to your gaming room or gaming setup. In addition, it allows you to combine or accent other lights already in your room.

With a simple set of RGB led strips, some clips, a screwdriver and a little bit of time on a Sunday, you can install RGB desk lighting easily. It’s easy to do and only takes an hour.

Feature Wall RGB Lighting

RGB Feature Wall using Nanoleaf Tiles

Using RGB lighting for feature walls is a great way to add contrast to your lighting setup and make it look more interesting. There are many off-the-shelf products that work well for features walls like the Nanoleaf tiles, which can be quite expensive.

If however, you’re on a budget, you can shop around and find plenty of Nanoleaf copies on Amazon for much less but, bear in mind the quality doesn’t match.

PC Screen RGB Lighting

PC Screen RGB Lighting

You can install simple kits behind your gaming monitor or TV that will display simple RGB colours with a controller. There are also kits available for reasonable prices on Amazon, which will mimic Phillips Ambilight and match the colours to the image on your screen.

One thing is for sure, though; whatever LED strip lighting kit you choose for your computer monitor, it will look amazing.

Depending on the colours you use, adding LED strips to a computer monitor can also reduce eye strain.

RGB Rope Lights

RGB rope lighting

Flexible RGB rope lights can be used almost anywhere from behind desks as part of a feature wall, and they can easily be wrapped around old plants or furniture in your room. Rope lights are perfect for accessorising your gaming setup and helping add dimension to your gaming setup.

Common Questions

What’s the Difference Between RGB and aRGB?

RGB LED strips are only capable of displaying one colour across the entire strip whereas with aRGB led strips they are addressable. This means that with a proper controller you can control the colour of each individual LED module and display rainbows, animations or any other effect you wish.

Does RGB Increase My FPS?

Despite the long-standing joke within the gaming and hardware community, RGB lighting does not increase your gaming performance. RGB is purely for the cosmetic appearance and is not directly linked in any way to FPS or Hardware Performance.

What Lights Do Gamers Use?

If you see your friends or streamers with colourful gaming rooms, gaming desks or gaming setups, that is because they are using various RGB lighting products made for Gamers. Products can vary from simple LED strip lights, smart bulbs and even complex modular shapes.

Why Do Gamers Love RGB Lights?

Gamers love to customise things and one thing RGB lights are is; customisable. While many RGB products out of the box all look the same such as a set of LED strip lights, RGB products can often be used in arts, crafts and DIY products allowing gamers to make unique scenes and setups no one has.

Is RGB Lighting Good for Gaming?

Lots of gamers want to be transported to faraway lands and battles, RGB lighting, much like in the movies can add atmosphere and depth to a gaming session. If you have a DIY Ambilight setup for your PC monitor, then you will already know how dynamic lighting can improve the experience when gaming.

Do I need an LED Diffuser?

If you plan to install led strips on walls or places where they will be exposed, don’t forget to buy a diffuser otherwise the LED bulbs will create glare, the strain on your eyes, more frequent headaches and ultimately – make it hard to concentrate on gaming.

What is the Best Color for Gaming?

I mentioned above that using a diffuser can cut down on eye strain and choosing the best color for gaming will also help there. Blue is well known for increasing strain on the eyes however, reds, purples and pinks have been shown to be less stressful and easier to ignore.

Why does my lighting setup look bad?

It might seem like your favourite gaming streamer has lots of different light sources, they are normally running with a low ISO value to compensate. The result is what feels like a very cosy setup but in reality, it’s quite bright. Lower your brightness settings and don’t try to fill every corner of the room with a light source. Shadows are good.

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