9 Childhood Toys & Crazes Worth Some Serious Money Today

Some of your old toys from the 90s have blown up in value, do you still have some of these stored in your attic?
by Andy Cresswell -
9 Childhood Toys & Crazes Worth Some Serious Money Today

Do you remember the 1990s toys, crazes and electronics which you played with as a child? I certainly do. I still feel quite childish myself way into my adulthood, don’t you? What’s the saying, we are only as old as we feel.

Have you ever wondered how much some of your old toys and 90s crazes are worth now? On eBay, due to their originality and how vintage they are, they are worth a lot more than when your parents bought them to entertain you!

Here are the chosen 10 90s toys and crazes that are worth some series money!


An original 1990s Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi were an insane craze that swept through the United Kingdom like a hot knife through butter. These little gems were the highlight of our simulation gaming in the school playgrounds. Showing off to our friends how old our pets were and how we have kept them alive.

Ebayers is currently looking for an average of £240! Dependant on whether you got a rare one or not, it can go for more or less.

Digimon Digivice

Early 2000s Digimon

If you have ever owned a Tamagotchi, you may also have come across these Digimon Tamagotchi too! It was the first simulation where you get to play with your friends (especially battle) at the playgrounds during break time!

The coolest feature about them at the time was the ability to connect with your friends and battle. If you was lucky enough to evolve a Teddymon, you was sure to beat everyone in the playground.

Also, dependant which version you have and the rarity of it, eBay is looking between £50 to a couple of hundred pounds if you are lucky.

Pokemon Trading Cards (Charizard)

logan paul charizard
Logan Paul holding his PSA Gem Mint 10 Charizard

Let’s be honest, if you were a fan of Pokemon, you were one of those kids where you had to collect all the trading cards, especially the rare ones! It was soon discovered that a certain Charizard was the rarest of them all.

Today, The most expensive card is likely Logan Paul’s Charizard which is estimated to be worth close to $5,000,000 USD.

iPod Classic First Generation

ipod first gen
Hold a First Generation iPod

Being in my early teens, I would still count that era as my childhood. Everyone wanted one of these however having a Sony Walkman was just good enough for us back then. Now that the iPod Classic has been discontinued, they are not going for a lot more than when these sellers originally first bought them. The amount? Let’s say between £500 – £2000 if in very good condition or never used before.


An original 1989 Nintendo Game Boy

When this awesome console came out with Tetris, this gave us hours of fun. Now the new 3DS and 3DS XL is due soon, this classic console is worth roughly the same price if not up to 10 times more on eBay if it is in full working condition with a lot of vintage games.


NES Console Set
A Nintendo Entertainment System Console
Another original Nintendo product that was widely popular for being the best gaming console of its time. There was a time where this console is worth double than the current Wii U.
Now that Ebayers have clocked on, the NES is roughly worth about £200 in good condition.


1990s Furbys are worth a lot now!

These furry companions were such a new sensation for our childhood. It could do little talks and dance and entertain us for a while. On Ebay these vintage toys are going for a couple of hundred quid.

Sega Genesis and Sega Master System

sega genesis
16-bit Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in Europe)

Yet another classic gaming consoles up for demand. These consoles demands are between £100 – £500 dependant on the collection that they are willing to sell too.

Nokia 3310

nokia 3310 snake
The hardest known substance on planet earth

Last but not least one of the best mobile phones that have ever been brought to market. It was essentially a toy for our teenage years when in class we could play Snake and it was one of those phones that you never feared will break if you ever dropped them on the floor! The demand for these phones are averaging between £50 – £100.

There is no rush to sell them!

If you have any of these lying around in storage up the attic, in your wardrobe or under your bed, don’t be in a rush to sell them! It is worth noting these are demand prices and they may not sell. Also, sometime in the future when you start reminiscing, you would have wished that you have never gotten rid of them, just like I am!

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