Radeon R9 380X Release Date Leaked, Coming Q2 2015

AMD have been really sloppy keeping the R9 Fiji specifications and release date under wraps.
by Andy Cresswell -
Radeon R9 380X Release Date Leaked, Coming Q2 2015

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding AMD’s Radeon R9 3 series video cards recently with R300 leaks turning up all over the place however, some information was posted at stating they have managed acquire inside information regarding AMDs eagerly awaited next-generation of video cards.

The article states that the R9 380X (Codename Fiji) which features tiled GCN 1.2 architecture and up to 50% increase in performance compared to current ‘Hawaii’ based GPUs, will have a 550mm2 die which puts it a full 112mm bigger than its predecessor – Hawaii which had a die size of 438mm2. This is absolutely huge in comparison, although not quote so big as Nvidia’s GM200 which comes in at around 632mm2, it would seem AMD have left themselves some growing room with the 28nm fabrication process which has an upper-bound limit of around 600 / 650mm >2.

R9 “Fiji” Gets HBM Memory and Will be Released before Computex 2015

One of the most exciting developments to come out of this leak is the confirmation that Fiji GPUs will indeed get HBM memory – that is unless AMD changes their mind at the last minute. Bitsandchips did mention that the plans for the memory are not finalised, the 380X could come equipped with a GDDR5 / HBM hybrid combination or it could come with full-on HBM, to know exactly we will have to wait until AMD reveals the official R9 Fiji specifications, however, one thing is for sure – we are in store for a nice little treat.

The report also mentioned that AMD plans to release the card in Q2 2015, aiming to have them on the shelves (and on our computers) by June 2015. This is an exciting development especially with Computex not far away. What does this leave AMD with to unveil?

Either way, with a report 50% increase in performance over current 2xx series cards, it’s no doubt that AMD is onto a GM200 stomper, maybe we might see some 390x previews at Computex?

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