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The 7 Greatest Multiplayer & Co-op Games Ever

2 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

Any list of the best-ever games is rife with competition. Arguments break out, and friendships are sullied! There is no definitive, empirical way of measuring which is the very best....

5 Great PC Games for 2015

3 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

With hardware and gameplay innovation getting better every single year, we in the gaming community can hope that newer and better games come out every single year, especially on the...

GTA V PC Launch Bugs and Solutions

3 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

We have some bugs and solutions that people have been experiencing since GTA V PC has been launched. We have the solution for the Rockstar Social Club bugs, Windows Media Player problems, solutions for corrupted downloads and the reason why some downloads won't complete.

The Legend Of Zelda Wii U Release Delayed Again

< 1 minute read — Posted in Gaming

Since the teaser of the gameplay footage of The Legend of Zelda on the Wii U back in December 2014, the producer of the game has announced a new update of the game development and it does not look good for impatient people!

Nintendo’s Concept Art of Harry Potter

2 minutes read — Posted in Gaming

Having to find out about that Nintendo had made a concept of Harry Potter from Unseen64, a little part of me inside felt down that this concept never came to...